Simalar to the stainless steel project but with Aluminium this time.

 AKA Bandana Art Show

» AKA Bandana Art Show

"A.K.A." - A Bandana Art Show - Houston, Texas USA Opening October 11th, 2007 Featuring the work of Top Worldwide Artists such as Shepard Fairey, Logan Hicks, Daryll Peirce, Evil Design, Asbestos, DAVe, Ethos, Plasma Slugs, Subhumanoid, Emily Strange, Justin Kees, Magmo The

PROJECTS Sticker Collaborations

» PROJECTS Sticker Collaborations

Stickers designs with other street artists

 Stainless Steel SNUB

» Stainless Steel SNUB

Stainless steel plates cut to size and stencilled. Ready to be attached to any flat surface.

 Fluro SNUB Skulls

» Fluro SNUB Skulls

Print outs on Flurocent paper cut and joined to make them multicoloured then glued to cardboard and varnished.

 Fallen Warriors

» Fallen Warriors

Worn and torn stickers, from the past and present. Some of these I prefer to the initial ones. This project will be on going.

 RWB Stickers

» RWB Stickers

An exploration using a logo of various sizes and three colours. In this case Red,Black & White. On A5 stickers.

 BRW Stickers

» BRW Stickers

An exploration using a logo and three colours. In this case Black, Red & White. On A5 stickers

PROJECTS I got wood

» PROJECTS I got wood

A painted block project each artist gets one block. they decorate/paint/adapt/change and then we exhibit them!