SNUB: Keep Moving, Stop Thinking
Street artist and graphic revolution SNUB has announced his first hometown gallery residency in Brighton.

The first of its kind, ‘Keep Moving, Stop Thinking’ encourages interactivity. A responsive exhibit where new work will be painted and installed throughout the show’s duration. This is the manifestation of an urgent creative stream of consciousness. No holds barred.

SNUB will be in residency throughout the exhibit. Attendees will have the opportunity to buy work and meet him on the day. His work will be influenced by his interactions with the public.
‘Keep Moving, Stop Thinking’ opens on Friday the 1st of December and runs for six weeks.

SNUB is fighting the uninvited visual invasion of commercialism. Inspiration is fired by frustration; emotion becomes a plan of attack. Anger is the weapon, and any object the ammo in the fight against the optical overload.

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